Keep Anthony’s HOPE Alive!!!


I crossed by the story of Anthony through Ma’am Kara David’s website called Project Malasakit few days back.  And the latest new scholar that they have is Anthony.  Reading the entire story of Anthony and watched his video made me recall the stories similar to what I have read to other people, seen on documentaries and close to simple teachings of our parents when I was small.

So my way of helping Anthony is to write his story and make our readers listen to his plea and dream.  Yes Ms. Kara already have her own website you may fully check this story at

But as one of Anthony’s supporter, this humble writing hopes to make our readers and friends to be inspired.  To keep their resources be open for Anthony and at the same time share this valuable story and lesson to teach their children the value of Education.  How a 13-year-old Anthony Dado a child laborer who earns a living by diving, looking and catching for sea cucumber, just to have money to buy food for his family.  He lives in Eastern Samar and an incoming Freshmen this school year June 2012-2013.

Anthony’s place is near our province in Visayas so, as one who supported Anthony’s dream.   We can do simple help and support to anybody, be it our time, our talent and most specially our humble act of sharing.  So even if at this time while you read this story, you may think of ways on how reach Anthony. Here are important details you can take note of.

Anthony’s principal is  Epifania Gaytos, can be reached at 0917.332.6674, Brgy Capt. Cesar Labotap at 0935.989.9662, Kagawad Vener at 0906.922.5840.  If you want to talk to Anthony those are the persons you may look for.  Anthony’s address is Brgy Sulangan, Guiuan Eastern Samar. Her mother’s name is Zenaida Dado-Acon.

Let us always be grateful to our gifts.  Share whatever you have and you will feel sense of fulfilment by your sincere concern and help.


Sumilao Corn Coffee makes a perfect cup of coffee to enter the market


I will tell you a story of how Wise Habits Enterprise started their journey in Supporting, Patronizing and Promoting Sumilao Corn Coffee.

 It all started with a Summit I attended and by chance to bought a magazine titled Kwentong Negosyo issued June-July 2011.

When I finished attended a whole day Summit, I tooked my time to read Filipino stories who started small and now slowly being recognized by the Philippine market both in their respective origin and spread their market area here in Metro Manila. 

Now, I read an article entitled “PRO-FARMER VALUE CHAIN ng Sumilao Agri-Enterprise.”  Yes, it was written in Tagalog, so it made it even more clearer, what their story is all about.

 So the story was all about four students of Development Studies and Management Economics of Ateneo who  joined the 55 farmers towards their cause, who marched from Bukidnon going to Manila in order to grant to Sumilao farmers 144 hectares of land last 2007.  So Sumilao farmers cause, had been faithfully followed by Cheenee, Mika, Georgina ant RG, until the Sumilao farmers will get their title of land.

In their good intention to help these farmers to improve their livelihood, their group did not leave the farmers even after their college years.  So according to Georgina, they taught that, it would be more sustainable, the earning of these farmers when they have an enterprise.

 That’s the start of the beginning of Sumilao Agri-enterprise (SAE) last 2009.

 Now what makes me decide to respond positively towards the cause of the group SAE?  First, I believe in the values the group intended to create and share among their clients and partners and I believe to the personal values I have to myself.

 What are such values?  First,  the value of being Pro-Farmer of Sumilao Agri-Enterprise. Second, concern for the Ecology, Third Empower the farmers to keep them dignified.

 Is it important to me? Yes!

Is it essential to their group? Yes! the Sumilao farmers will greatly be benefiting for their mission and vision of SAE.

Will it benefit the Sumilao farmers? Definitely Yes!


How does this Pro-Farmer Value Chain work?

This is how it works, the SAE, they produced corn together with their partner Sumilao farmers.  Fifty percent of un-milled corn harvest is sold to traders at low price. Other Fifty percent of un-milled corn harvest is sold to SAE at fair value! Now, Great point to support.

 SAE will mill and roast the corn.  Then Corn Coffee is produced. 

Finally Corn Coffee is sold to market.  Great point to support my time!

 With this intention, that mainly creates a positive impact to me personally.  Yes, it even made me think on how will I respond to this new enterprise and more so, to these neighbor farmers.  I decided to inquire to the director of SAE and soon learn more about their enterprise and soon submitted my intention to support their cause.

 Aside from their good intention, personally as a professional Nutritionist Dietitian, I made it now my advocacy to support, patronize and promote farmers produced.  Because this is a sustainable project worth doing.  I start with the Sumilao farmers. Knowing the health benefits the Sumilao Corn coffee provides.  It is now worth my time to promote and share this to everyone.

 By giving our  support to their cause towards the farmers there are more benefits and reasons to give our Yes to this group.

 First, the health benefits of the corn coffee.  Since the corn are grown without chemicals.  The corn is rich in fibers.  It is beneficial for our digestion and relieve even headache.

Second, each time we patronize or buy their corn coffee this becomes our support to fair trade.  As well as,  our support to 50 farmers to have a sustainable livelihood.

Third, the Sumilao farmers and group of SAE do not use chemicals that is endangering the environment.  They also have Zero-Waste Goal so each part of corn was being utilized or used for sustainable farming method and production.

 That’s the main points of advocacy of SAE and through series of communication,  I am glad I am given the chance to be their Distributor of their pioneer product, Sumilao Corn coffee!

 Proudly Philippine made, truly healthy drink to offer to our fellow Filipinos.

My friends, I am now inviting you to make your share to our advocacy and that is how I started our Wise Habits Enterprise.

 We hope to count on you!


Great Lucy Gomez to follow and be role model

<blockquote><p>With @<a href=””>BCbench</a>, whom I ♥ look up to in more ways than one. Kind people like him, please multiply! <a href=”” title=””></a></p>&mdash; lucy torres gomez (@lucytgomez) <a href=”” data-datetime=”2012-01-29T13:04:03+00:00″>January 29, 2012</a></blockquote>
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As I continue to explore the different types of celebrities and public figure.  Now I saw Lucy Gomez and her picture! Nice to see her with other known business icon Mr. Ben Chan!

You may continue to learn not only through the four corners of your school, but reading some stories on this celebrities and their following and follower on their Twitter account. Opened my eyes and mind to realize.  They also have some new ideas to share for the public and not only to their fans! Something of value!

Some can be as simple description but whenever I saw their partners in life and their followings and followers also.  It revealed to me a part of their personality! They are not just a celebrity, they have their own preference and options to follow.

Now that I glimpse on Lucy Torres Gomez.  I just smiled back and say Thank you Lord for the gift of this person.

They reached so many lives, and yet remain as simple like Lucy!



A Visit to Lea Salonga Official Website

Lea Salonga Official Website.


I have seen some of Lea Salonga’s performace since she started as a child on television. Then  I can only got the chance to follow some of her performances whenever she was being featured on a show or guests for a noon time or evening show  here in the Philippines.  The latest would be when she was one of the judges in the Miss Universe Pageant.

Everytime I watched and listened to her performances I can only smile and be proud that such a great artist is a Filipino.

You greatly made the Philippines proud for you Lea as I also like you as an artist!

Keep the Filipino spirits Alive! MABUHAY!!!



I have come acrossed a journalist Wendy Thomas writing about her piece entitled  “So you want to write a memoir?”  thismorning.

What a great Thurday morning to be freshen my mind about a good real advice in good writing. Yes, I also like to be a writer only I haven’t got the chance to be a professional one like Wendy.  But now that I have access to professionals like them.  Now is my perfect chance to enhance my writing skills! Yes! Now I am on myway to learn and practice writing.

So I will keep that advice in writing to have a beginning, middle and ending part of your story plus the story line.

Even if my interest are also in Social Entrepreneur and advocacy, I cannot do away with writing.  Because it is in writing that I can inform people, introduce to them our advocacy, and show to them our sincere service and sharing of blessings.  Who knows, people can one day, be generous to simply SUPPORT, ACT AND BE OUR PARTNERS IN SUPPORTING NOT ONLY OUR INTEREST IN WRITING BUT IN SPREADING CONCERN FOR Our NEIGHBORS like farmers.



Wise Habits to develop and support


Starting this 2012, there is a great way to show our concern to Sumilao farmers , our care to our health and share our part for the care of the ecology.

Sumilao Corn Coffee is made from Organically grown Corn coffeeCaffeine free, Organic and No Preservatives.

Each time you purchase this Sumilao Corn Coffee, you have done your share :

1. To uplift the Sumilao farmers and their family,

2. You also create a healthy choice of your beverage daily by drinking and enjoying Caffeine FREE corn coffee!

3.  Share your concern to the care to ecology.

Most of my friends, colleagues, family, relatives both here in Philippines and abroad like the good taste and healthy benefits one can enjoy by taking this beverage plus its advocacy it create and support.

Whenever you have time, Do TAKE YOUR CHANCE and CREATE A POSITIVE CHANGE of supporting our farmers, Create a healthy choice for yourself and your family and to everyone.

Plus the opportunity to care for our Ecology that needs our attention.

My support for these Sumilao farmers, to Cheenee and her team from the Sumilao Agri-Enterprise brought me the inspiration to start our Wise Habits adventure of advocacy and enterprise. 

Now I am taking my time to really enjoy the spirit of advocacy we communicate to the farmers and the impact it generate into their lives.  Yes, Sumilao Corn coffee is really a blessing for them.  As Sumilao farmers is a great blessing to us.

If you have questions and inquiries, feel free to post it. We will be glad to hear from you my friend.

Now that we are on the month of February, let us extend our generosity to express our concern and love to our neighbor Sumilao farmers.  In as much as we enjoy the basic need to nourish our body by eating and drinking, it is also fit to nourish our Sumilao farmers with our simple Acts of Kindness. 

Do Support by buying their produced and share it within your circle of friends and network!  There can be no quality food that we can enjoy, if not from the artistic talent of our Sumilao farmers to produce our Caffeine FREE! Organic and No Preservatives SUMILAO CORN COFFEE!

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