Keep Anthony’s HOPE Alive!!!


I crossed by the story of Anthony through Ma’am Kara David’s website called Project Malasakit few days back.  And the latest new scholar that they have is Anthony.  Reading the entire story of Anthony and watched his video made me recall the stories similar to what I have read to other people, seen on documentaries and close to simple teachings of our parents when I was small.

So my way of helping Anthony is to write his story and make our readers listen to his plea and dream.  Yes Ms. Kara already have her own website you may fully check this story at

But as one of Anthony’s supporter, this humble writing hopes to make our readers and friends to be inspired.  To keep their resources be open for Anthony and at the same time share this valuable story and lesson to teach their children the value of Education.  How a 13-year-old Anthony Dado a child laborer who earns a living by diving, looking and catching for sea cucumber, just to have money to buy food for his family.  He lives in Eastern Samar and an incoming Freshmen this school year June 2012-2013.

Anthony’s place is near our province in Visayas so, as one who supported Anthony’s dream.   We can do simple help and support to anybody, be it our time, our talent and most specially our humble act of sharing.  So even if at this time while you read this story, you may think of ways on how reach Anthony. Here are important details you can take note of.

Anthony’s principal is  Epifania Gaytos, can be reached at 0917.332.6674, Brgy Capt. Cesar Labotap at 0935.989.9662, Kagawad Vener at 0906.922.5840.  If you want to talk to Anthony those are the persons you may look for.  Anthony’s address is Brgy Sulangan, Guiuan Eastern Samar. Her mother’s name is Zenaida Dado-Acon.

Let us always be grateful to our gifts.  Share whatever you have and you will feel sense of fulfilment by your sincere concern and help.


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