Wise Habits to develop and support


Starting this 2012, there is a great way to show our concern to Sumilao farmers , our care to our health and share our part for the care of the ecology.

Sumilao Corn Coffee is made from Organically grown Corn coffeeCaffeine free, Organic and No Preservatives.

Each time you purchase this Sumilao Corn Coffee, you have done your share :

1. To uplift the Sumilao farmers and their family,

2. You also create a healthy choice of your beverage daily by drinking and enjoying Caffeine FREE corn coffee!

3.  Share your concern to the care to ecology.

Most of my friends, colleagues, family, relatives both here in Philippines and abroad like the good taste and healthy benefits one can enjoy by taking this beverage plus its advocacy it create and support.

Whenever you have time, Do TAKE YOUR CHANCE and CREATE A POSITIVE CHANGE of supporting our farmers, Create a healthy choice for yourself and your family and to everyone.

Plus the opportunity to care for our Ecology that needs our attention.

My support for these Sumilao farmers, to Cheenee and her team from the Sumilao Agri-Enterprise brought me the inspiration to start our Wise Habits adventure of advocacy and enterprise. 

Now I am taking my time to really enjoy the spirit of advocacy we communicate to the farmers and the impact it generate into their lives.  Yes, Sumilao Corn coffee is really a blessing for them.  As Sumilao farmers is a great blessing to us.

If you have questions and inquiries, feel free to post it. We will be glad to hear from you my friend.

Now that we are on the month of February, let us extend our generosity to express our concern and love to our neighbor Sumilao farmers.  In as much as we enjoy the basic need to nourish our body by eating and drinking, it is also fit to nourish our Sumilao farmers with our simple Acts of Kindness. 

Do Support by buying their produced and share it within your circle of friends and network!  There can be no quality food that we can enjoy, if not from the artistic talent of our Sumilao farmers to produce our Caffeine FREE! Organic and No Preservatives SUMILAO CORN COFFEE!